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Waves of sound broadcasting from the glorious Book and Record Bar in West Norwood


Dj Food

DJ Food aka Strictly Kev - Ninja Tune recording artist, graphic designer, veteran of Coldcut's Solid Steel radio show and one half of Further. All over the shop eclecticism, new music, peppered with recent finds and extra samples, sometimes leaves the mic open. Mixcloud Instagram

Alan McKinnon

Alan McK is a London-based foot soldier in the Scottish jazz mafia. Unearthing the best jazz you've never heard, from modal groovers to spiritual movers, looking under musical rocks from Brazil to Brooklyn, Battersea to Berlin and beyond! All jazz, all vinyl, always. Quite often on a 45. His Duvet Rustling Jazz show features on Saturday's on Back2backFM

Pete Williams

Pete Williams - co-founder of Out Of The Wood - lovely bloke, works his balls off to make it happen every week and still finds time to dig out obscure and beautiful tracks for his own sets

Alan Gubby

Alan Gubby - Buried Treasure label head, library music enthusiast and part of the group, Revbjelde. Buried Treasure bandcamp

Robin The Fog

Robin The Fog aka Howlround - Tape loop manipulator, hardcore and jungle enthusiast, loves mixing train noises with ambient bells.

Matthew Court

The international digger and Wax Poetics writer always has something special to bring to the (turn)table. Here is his recent Diggers Dozen

Zoë Baxter

Zoë Baxter aka Lucky Cat - Weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4FM, Saturdays at 3.30pm and part of the Sisters of Reggae all-female, 100% vinyl DJ collective.
Chinese and East Asian culture with a tasty chop suey of Reggae and East Asian sounds.

Archived shows: Mixcloud

Leon Ridyard

My sets are an eclectic mix - Hip Hop, Soundtrack/Library, Electronica, Jazz, 60's/70's rock, Jazz, Folk. I hail from Sheffield and celebrate music found in past and present record shops: Chesterfield, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham and charity shops all over London. I'm also a visual artist who creates paintings around the theme of recording and listening to sound. In my paintings I create a dialogue on the fascination, desire and significance of audio and visual formats in today’s digital society. Work in progress Instagram feed

Matthew Morgan

Art historian and museum educator by day - long time vinyl obsessive by night. I've been tumbling down a jazz-hole for many years now and every time I think I'm close to the bottom there's are more amazing records to find. Mixcloud

Ceri Preston

One of the show's founders, Ceri has an amazing whosampled musical knowledge and his recommends have been a source of inspiration to many DJ's. Mixcloud shows

Andy Higgs

Andy Higgs of Mr Higgs & Mr Parker fame - curators of The Headnod and guest spinners at many a night playing Funk, Soul, Latin, Breaks, Beats, Jazz Funk and Boogie. Holds a mean BBQ at his place once a year too.

Mr Higgs & Mr Parker



No genre left unturned with this fella

My Mate Dave

The original co-founder of Out of the Wood, now with his own show, music-hog Dave is a legend, not only for knowing practically everyone on the music scene, but also for his deep knowledge of music across many genres.
My Mate Dave shows on WNBC

Alan Tenenbaum

Alan Tenenbaum plays choice cuts from the days of yore or currently making gravy waves and is Creative Manager at Under the Bridge concert venue in the heart of Fulham under the Chelsea FC East Stand at Stamford Bridge.

First Record Purchased: Barbra Streisand – Yentl soundtrack
Priciest record in collection: David Bowie - Blackstar 1st press sealed
Cheapest record in collection: Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies 'R' Good Enough 7”
First concert: The Jacksons Victory Tour –Toronto CNE Stadium 1984
First concert snuck into: Black Sabbath reunion – via Toronto Skydome’s hotel 1999
Best Party: backstage with Pantera, Sepultura and Biohazard –Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens 1994
Zen Moment: handing Lee Scratch Perry a glass of prosecco

Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown aka Kvist - spins anything from Post-Punk to Hammond Funk, Glasgow school of Indie to Radiophonica and Hauntology. Screen printer, textile-lover and analogue camera enthusiast, likes her gin and tonic.



Christopher Evans

Leo Horoscope
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Michael Johnson

Owner of the famous Book & Record Bar, home to and a vast selection of quality vinyl. Michael's epic musical knowledge is legendary and his radio shows and dj sets are always worth a close listen!

Graham Parker

Graham Parker of Mr Higgs & Mr Parker fame - curators of The Headnod and guest spinners at many a night playing Funk, Soul, Latin, Breaks, Beats, Jazz Funk and Boogie. Mr Higgs & Mr Parker Twitter

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